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Born in St Kilda with a 4.5 octave vocal range, Tanya George is either armed with loop pedals or surrounded by her talented band. Many have seen her solo show (only 1 year old) busking on Bourke St. Combining elements of soul, jazz and pop, she fills the streets with her unique vocal looping set up. The music created is based on improvisation; “purely on instinct, expression and trust in my musical ability as a musician and a singer.” Her new sound has taken her from the streets to the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. This is where she caught the eye of Don Was from Blue Note Records (America) and met Herbie Hancock. 

Rocking Australia’s Largest Music Festival, St Kilda Festival, Miss George has been on 15 line ups this year including Queenscliff Music Festival in which she won 2018 QMF busking competition. 

After releasing her first EP Sonder (produced by Spender) with a sold out Launch at Relvover, her second solo Vocal EP “Normality” along with 4 film clips is set to release early 2020 with the first single “Writing Machine” coming out October 31st 2019 at Horse Bazaar. 

“Writing Machine” was written whilst Tanya was baby sitting for studio time. “I asked the children what they wanted to eat and they didn’t respond because they were glued to the television. It made me reflect when I ask an adult a question and they are glued to their phones. What are we teaching each other? Technology controls us! Being the best baby sitter in the world I went into my car and got all my busking gear out and started looping songs full blast in the room next to them and wrote this song. They came out to see what I was doing as I finally go their attention.”


St Kilda Festival 2019

Melbourne International Jazz Festival 2019 

Midsummer 2019

Grand Prix – Heineken Main Stage 2019

Australian Open 2019

Headlined Night Jar Independent Artist Festival Torquay 2019  

Night Jar Independent Artist Festival Geelong 2019 

Queenscliff Music Festival 2019 

Mordialloc Festival 2019

Seven Sisters Music Festival 2019

Music in the Vines Music Festival 2019

European Winter Night Market Festival 2019 Feature Artist 

Whiskey, Wine & Fire Festival 2019

Closing artist for Queen Vic Winter Night Markets 2019

St Kilda Live and Local Festival 2019


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