Anxiety (2020)

Anxiety (2020)

Track List

  1. Anxiety

April 24.04.20

On the 24th of April 2020, Tanya George will release a dreamy atmospheric track called “Anxiety.” “COVID-19 has caused a huge rise in mental health issues.

“The song is about not being able to leave my house a few years ago due to anxiety issues so I stayed inside for 7 days. Now the world has been advised to isolate because of Corona Virus. I hope this song opens up mental health conversations so we feel united and not alone during this pandemic.”

Film Clip Release: 28.04.20

What’s Next?

Her second EP “Normality” is set for release June 2020 and is completely made out of her voice. The first single “Writing Machine” made No.1 on Triple J unearthed charts. The result of her skills for vocal looping and 4.5 octave vocal range proves Tanya doesn’t have musical limitations with support from music brands Boss, Roland, SE Electronics and Yamaha. When not playing solo, she is equiped with her band including some of Melbourne’s best musicians.

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