Writing Machine (2020 Normality EP) Released: 31 October 2019

Writing Machine (2020 Normality EP) Released: 31 October 2019

Track List

  1. Writing Machine

Tanya George creates every element of her music herself, mostly with just her voice, that spans a whopping 4.5 octaves! Listen to Writing Machine now.

“I wrote Writing Machine while babysitting. I asked the kids what they wanted to eat and they didn’t respond because they were glued to the television. Being the best babysitter in the world, I went outside and dragged all my busking gear inside and started looping songs full blast in the next room and wrote this song. The kids came out to see what I was doing. I finally got their attention.”

Writing Machine is the first single off of her Vocal EP Normality coming 2020.

Writing Machine film clip was released 12 November 2019. Directed by Tanya George and Good Gravy Media, featuring Tim Knowles, Ellen Burbidge, Yashith Fernando, Zandria & Tayla Muir


Writing Machine achieved No.1 on Electronic and No.2 on Overall on Triple J Unearthed charts.


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