Writing Machine (Single)

Writing Machine (Single)

Track List

  1. Writing Machine

‘Writing Machine’


‘Writing Machine’ is from my newest EP: Normality 


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“I wrote ‘Writing Machine’ while babysitting. I asked the kids what they wanted to eat & they didn’t respond because they were glued to the television. Being the best babysitter in the world, I went outside & dragged all my busking gear inside & started looping songs full blast in the next room & wrote this song. The kids came out to see what I was doing. I finally got their attention.”

‘Writing Machine’ is the first single off of my Vocal EP Normality.

‘Writing Machine’ film clip was released 12 November 2019. Directed by Tanya George & Good Gravy Media, featuring Tim Knowles, Ellen Burbidge, Yashith Fernando, Zandria & Tayla Muir

‘Writing Machine’ achieved No.1 on Electronic & No.2 on Overall on Triple J Unearthed charts.

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