Normality EP Launch

Thu 03 December, 2020

328 Reserve Road, Cheltenham VIC, Australia

Wait… what? A second EP Launch?

Ok so I totally understand that this might be confusing… but very simply, I held one EP Launch online because the world was being kicked in the guts by that heinous virus and that is all I was allowed to do, and now, with the ease of restrictions, I’m holding an IN PERSON LIVE GIG to launch the EP!


I can’t even tell you how exciting it is for me to be doing this. And I cannot wait to perform for you all!!!


Problem is… this event was a bit of a ‘word of mouth’ scenario and with limited tickets… has now SOLD OUT.

GREAT for me, a little poo-poo for those that are missing out. I’m sorry! I swear I’ll do another one as soon as I’m allowed to. Promise.

So, sign up to my e-news, Facebook and/or Instagram to find out where and when I’ll be playing next!!!