Thu 31 October, 2019

Horse Bazaar, Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Tickets have SOLD OUT.

From busking the streets, to festival line ups and now on stage, alt- electro soul artist Tanya George is set to release her long awaited vocal EP “Normality”, launching the first single “Writing Machine” on October 31st (Halloween) at Horse Bazaar. 

The result of her skills in beat boxing, looping and 4.5 octave vocal range, “Writing Machine” conveys the harsh reality of how dependent we are on technology, social media and television.

“I wrote “Writing Machine” while babysitting for studio time. I asked the kids what they wanted to eat. They didn’t respond because they were glued to the television. It made me think about what happens when I ask an adult a question and they are glued to a phone, or when people watched my performance busking through a screen when they are standing right in front of me. What are we teaching each other? Technology controls us. Being the best babysitter in the world, I went outside and dragged all my busking gear inside and started looping songs full blast in the next room and wrote this song. The kids came out to see what I was doing. I finally got their attention.” 

Her upcoming show at Horse Bazaar will see Tanya take the stage with her A grade band Corey Mills, Swith Anthony, Bill Black and Michael Cooper. Early bird tickets sold out in four hours, tickets available HERE.

“She walked on stage in groovy denim and bejewelled fashion, with great style and street cred with long curly hair that people loved!”  –  AMNPLIFY Review
“The crowd loved Tanya’s story telling and were suprised yet mesmerised by such a unique artist.” – AMNPLIFY Review
Review by Alyssa Borda